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re: 6.0 Two Week Warning Announced Today - New Activity Schedule


From Cayreth:

Two-week announcement has been made for 6.0. The officers had a chat and we would like to propose the following plan going forward:

  • Tonight - we begin the final Heroic SoO lockout, starting from scratch and skipping any boss (i.e., doing it on normal) that the progression mains don't need. (Late night crew might also knock out Heroic Dark Animus in our ToT lockout.)

  • Sunday (10/5) - continuing the final H.SoO lockout.

  • Monday (10/6) - RBGs

  • Tuesday (10/7) - Heroic Ra-Den "I thought he was supposed to be hard" achievement for Taius, Piddleton, Cyber, and Ted (Am I missing anybody else?). Zeke, Blake, Kirby, Nathan: this is your final chance, be there or be square.

  • Sunday (10/12) - final H. SoO lockout extended. Final progression night.

  • Monday (10/13) - final RBGs

When 6.0 drops, we are swapping to the following schedule:

    • Sunday - full clear of SoO on normal (new flexi-heroic difficulty). Anybody is welcome to attend, regardless of ilvl, raiding experience, etc. These will be social nights intended for the guild to come together, knock out some bosses and collect Garrosh heirlooms. If you plan to play with us in WoD, I highly recommend you attend!

    • Monday - no more RBGs. Season over. Nothing official is planned at this point.

    • Tuesday - Odds and Ends from the old content. For example, Buch needs his normal Lei Shen achievement. A bunch of us still need "Show me your moves". Etc.

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