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About The Indelibles

Gnome-boy The Indelibles is a casual, social guild on the Ravenholdt server.  We are Roleplay-friendly, and are a part of the Allied group of guilds known as The Council of the Resolute (CotR).  We raid (not hardcore), PvP (not hardcore), pet-collect and battle (not hardcore).

I think it's safe to say -- we're not Hardcore.

  But what we ARE is mostly older players with jobs, studies, families and other interests that take us outside of World of Warcraft.  Words like 'laid-back', 'patient', and 'kooky' will usually describe our members.  We are a non-discriminatory guild, welcoming and promoting an inclusive environment for ALL people, regardless of race, national origin, sexual or gender identity, religion, age, size, physical or mental ability, health, occupation or sexual orientation.  That means no bigotry and no hate!  If you aren't cool with that, this probably isn't the guild for you.

Gnome-boy 2    We're never recruiting, but we're always happy to make more friends!  So if you think you've got the kind of intense "I don't really give a [censored]" attitude and friendly, happy-go-lucky nature that will allow you to survive our weeks-long 'hanging-out' application process, feel free to whisper a member any time!

Best regards,

The Indelibles Management

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