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re: Memorial for Dashaun Spero (IC)


(( for those not aware, a major RP icon, Dashaun, has left the game permanently(? like anyone actually does that).  His last story is here at the Sanctum:  The Final Fall ))


For months, the little, black cat would creep into the Garrison Barracks after lights-out, padding silently past the nightwatch guards who had come to regard her as a fixture if not something of a mascot. Captain Spero had made sure everyone understood not to chase her away or hurt her in any fashion. She was one of theirs. She belonged. Once they overcame their feelings of silliness at addressing a cat, most started greeting her by name. Some few had the temerity to brush her sleek fur, forgetting the cat's peculiar nature, which most often earned them a minor scratch or two.

Night after night, she would peer into the dark barracks and then sit beside Spero's bunk. She would silently stare and listen until it was clear that the Captain was asleep. Then, the cat would hop onto the footlocker below his bunk, curling into a furry ball for the night. On very rare occasions, if the cat seemed particularly skittish or frightened, she would actually leap onto the frame of the top bunk that Spero had claimed for himself, and hunker there until dawn or the Captain awoke.

Now, in the nights following Dashaun's death, the ritual had changed. The little cat still slunk into the Garrison. Still padded into the barracks. But now, there was no hesitation, no watching or listening. Straightaway, she would jump onto the top bunk, walking to the head of the bed. Then, with a small, sad cry, she would lay upon his pillow, unmoving, until she finally slept.

Some of the more pragmatic souls suggested assigning Dashaun's bunk to another guardsman, as there were only a few racks available at the Garrison. But this notion was quickly quelled by the new Captain. As impractical as it was, the bunk was still listed to Spero, and by extension, to the mournful little cat which had outlived him.


Posted on all the bulletin boards in Stormwind and around neighboring towns was the following:


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