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re: Droonhym Leaves


He sat in the shadows of the target dummy, idly sharpening his claws on a shield leaning against its base while he watched her stare at Jhaanom. It had been hard to find a replacement, but at least he knew this one would keep her safe in his absence. Better than leaving her alone for sure, and Jhaanom was still too young to join the demons' fight.

Kytai had never been a harsh mistress; an accomplished caster and demanding of her demons, but not cruel. Often she would look the other way when he nibbled from the guild feasts, or waited a few moments before reprimanding him for gnawing on someone's armor. Droonhym felt as if he were another pet in her collection. Of course, only he got to accompany her on missions and only he played sidekick. For almost two years now Droonhym has taken Kytai's damage for her, cleansed her of dangerous magics, and attacked her enemies as if they were his own. For her, he would stay out of the nether. Past warlocks had never held his affection in such a way. He had always escaped from them the moment he could. 

Droonhym slipped into the nether, careful to avoid Kytai's attention. He had to trust Jhaanom for the time being, this mission must be seen through. Back in his world, he ripped the soft colorful ribbons from his neck and rolled in the ash for a long time. Once grime covered his hide thickly he started the difficult process of chipping his sharp claws and damaging his hide. It would never do to be caught looking like a beloved pet. He needed to appear as the others would, as a demon under a cruel mistress who fought daily for his escape. Without that he would never be allowed to join in their cause. 

In the distance an ominous cloud arose. As it neared Droonhym slouched into its mass. He added his own footfalls to its thunder and the dust motes raised by his steps joined the storm that amassed above. As one body the demons headed out in the quest to save themselves. Cataclysm would hit them all, and they wanted to be a part of it. Their existence in Azeroth depended on their allegiance with the warlocks. If it could be done, the demons would sever the threads that bound them together and create a way for them to pour out upon the world once more. Unbeknownst to them a few demons hid in their midst, trying to save those warlocks they had come to love. 

(( to be continued ))

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