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re: Just Another Day in the Park


Bouncing her chubby little legs against the wall, Kytai watches the kitty walk around her. She can't help but smile; digs a treat out of her capacious pockets and slips it to him, hoping to entice him to her side. It never works, and she never gives up. Day after day, she tries to get the kitties to stay with her, and each time her spiky demon shoos them away when she isn't looking. He doesn't think of himself as possessive- in his mind he is protective, loving, and tender towards the small gnome. He prefers to have time with her and himself only. To him, it makes perfect sense. For Kytai, it's a mystery. Fortunately for the demon, she's never been too observant. She's completely unaware of his antics.
After a while she leans back in a stretch and jumps down from the stone wall. The kitty trots off, knowing treats will no longer be handed out. Droonhym brushes against Kytai's legs as they walk back to the guild. Her hand automatically falls to (carefully) pat his spikes as they walk. She shares a snack with him as they make the trek back, thinking of what to make for dinner that night. 

Her room back in the guild is cluttered with pets- cats, demons, birds, everything she can tame she keeps. Favorites often damage the room, but it's never bothered her. To Kytai, the noise and bustle is comforting. She loves to watch her pets interact with each other as she falls asleep. It's a reminder of her family back home; her siblings fighting, the family pets joining in. Her parents never bothered to keep the house clean or quiet. It's impossible with a bunch of small children in the house, making a mess constantly. Although it's been a long time, she still daydreams about her home life, about being a happy member of a large and busy family. 
Kytai doesn't clearly remember why she left anymore. It's been a long time, and sad memories never stick well in her mind. Trouble started the day she brought home the tiny imp. Her parents didn't understand how much time she'd spent learning how to summon him, nor did they understand the draw of the magics she was learning. It left a scar on their relationship which eventually grew into a rift large enough to make Kytai leave the house. She didn't actively want to leave, but even she was aware of the spirit of the family enough that she knew it was time. 
She wasn't alone for long. Soon after leaving home Kytai met Skyreth. He was an older man who worked hard with her to make a living in the world. And more importantly- he introduced her to the Indelibles. His guiding hand made her able to grow quickly and strongly and his friends gave her a new family, which she had desperately needed.

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