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re: Hallow's End Masquerade


< As cities throughout the holdings of the Alliance prepare in their own fashions for the onset of Hallow's End have several parchments begun appearing in various locales. Hung aloft indeed are numerous fliers, of familiar appearance, which seek to gain the attention of passerby. Shimmer does the writing therein faintly as with arcane imbuing, to have sheen of bright orange befitting the season's festivity. Symbols of the usual Hallow's End array adorn the paper, shifting subtly in appearance every so often. >


"Greetings to all,

     Hallow's End approaches and will soon envelope the whole of Azeroth in earnest, all to submit to the abundant festivities which will inevitably thrive in spite of the perils of which our world holds its breath toward anxiously. Inns of welcome and persons alike will set forward to spread the holiday spirit and so ward away the specters which have bound us for the prior days of our year. It is during this celebrated season of mirth and dastardly delight that the Twilight Empire once again will host openly gathering worthy of the frights which beckon to this honored time. This gathering will turn none aside, and with hope will it be held to surpass even the draw of such confections and traditions will call to all from elsewhere. May all remember for all ghoulish holidays to come the Hallow's End Masquerade! 

      Toward this end and for the benefit of levity and unity alike are all cordially invited to attend this event. It will be held upon the evening of  October 26th, at approximately 9:00pm! Host will await gathering, as masquerade long before, within the Stormwind Keep courtyard. As well, just as the masquerade prior months before and of differing theme, will stipulations be given for those planning to attend, albeit somewhat more lenient. 

      All guests will be required to arrive with either mask, costume, or both! One must simply correspond with the theme of Hallow's End and all it may entail! Seasonal trickery will be provided for those whom are unable to gather costume or mask befitting the event. 

      We of the Twilight Empire wish all the most memorable and ghastly of Hallow's Ends this year, to be celebrated among friends both new and old. Though great danger and weight befalls us to see through in these harsh days is it of the utmost importance to glimpse back on all that we cherish and defend, to enjoy the brief bouts of mirth we are granted, and most of all to honor one another. May all the doubt and fear for tomorrow perish in smoke along with the flames of the Wickerman, of which many a costumed patron may be requested to visit during the festivities presented. 


- Happy Hallow's End, 

  The Twilight Empire"



(( OOC notes!:

 - Location?: The Stormwind Keep Courtyard! (to the left of the Throne Room)

 - Date/Time?: The 26th at 9:00pm!

 - Please, remember that either a mask or costume is required for this event! (Many masks are available from the Hallow's End vendors!)

 - We hope to see you there! ))

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