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re: RBG Tips and Tricks


Stuff that's useful to know along with a kind of index of recommended addons and macros.





  • GladiatorlosSA (
    • Makes lots of noise, but alerts you when enemies use PvP trinkets or important CD's. Customizable down to the sounds it uses. Other addons such as DBM can be made to do similar things, but this is made specifically for PvP.






  • /assist Tedronai
    • Would show you who Tedronai is targeting. Change "Tedronai" to the name of the target caller
  • /assist [target=focus]
    • Same thing as last macro, only now instead of changing the name in the macro you can just focus target the target caller



    • These are things that I feel have improved my game play personally, or that I have heard friends recommend. They may not work for everyone, but here they are.


  • Addons are wonderful, as you can guess from the plethora listed above. You do not want your interface to be all flashing gadgets and sirens though. My advice is to keep it simple and customized in whatever way makes it easiest for you personally to perform your role.
    • To this end I would suggest using elvUI, Bartender, Tidy Plates, Grid, whatever works to make it easier to access your abilities, see debuffs, and watch what is going on around you.


  • I know some people use vent normalization, but personally I recommend not doing so if you have problems picking Cay out of the bunch of voices screaming bloody murder in there.
    • I simply right click an individual's name in vent > Miscellaneous > Special Effects > Volume. Set people to a volume that reflects their outgoing volume, how much they annoy you, and their importance in the group. I set Cay's volume quite loud; even when he is fighting to get a word in edgewise I hear every hesitation and stutter of that sexy Russian voice. You might want to turn up whoever is calling targets that night as well.
  • Related to the previous point, please do not crowd vent with useless info or repeated questions.
    • Healers, if you need peels or are having problems, call out for help or CD's, by all means! Do not narrate your combat log: "Sheeped... stunned... silenced... hexed... guys, help me please?"
    • Dps, calling out your CC's is awesome! Just remember that if someone is giving instructions or asking an important question, please do not interrupt them.
    • Flag carrier, if there is a fight going on centered on you, please let the group know if you are moving, popping a major CD, etc. Take this with a grain of salt though please, as with healers, we don't want to have your combat log narrated.
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